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Jobs at CBC/Radio Canada

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Employer:CBC/Radio Canada
Industry:Radio BroadcastingMEX
Address1:181 Queen St OTTAWA, Ontario K1P 1K9
Country of ownership:Canada
Year established:1936
Profile:CBC is the oldest broadcasting network in Canada.They began with radio in 1936 and then television in 1952. Today they provide news, entertainment and information in many ways. Since 1974 their radio service is commercial free.
No current job postings found.

42 postings for jobs at CBC/Radio Canada found online since 2015-01-30, including:

Job Title Location Found On
Assignment Producer English Services Windsor ON 2017-10-19
Réalisateur aux affectations Services anglais Windsor ON 2017-10-19
Video Journalist CBC Windsor English Services Windsor ON 2017-08-29
Vidéojournaliste CBC Windsor Services anglais Windsor ON 2017-08-29
Vidéojournaliste CBC Windsor Services anglais Windsor ON 2017-07-13
Video Journalist CBC Windsor English Services Windsor ON 2017-07-13
Réalisateur de l'emission enchâinement du contenu Services anglais CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | Eluta ca Windsor ON 2017-07-11
Show Producer Lineup English Services Windsor ON 2017-07-11
Reporter rédacteur Services anglais Windsor 2017-05-24
Reporter Editor English Services Windsor 2017-05-24
Animateur émission News at Six Services anglais Windsor 2017-05-24
Host News at 6 English Services Windsor 2017-05-24
Executive Producer English Services Windsor 2016-12-09
Réalisateur coordonnateur Services anglais Windsor 2016-12-09
Réalisateur associé Services français Windsor 2016-11-22
Associate Producer French Services Windsor 2016-11-22
Producer Digital English Services Windsor 2016-11-15
Réalisateur Contenu numérique Services anglais Windsor 2016-11-15
Reporter Editor French Services Windsor 2016-11-15
Reporter Rédacteur Services français Windsor 2016-11-15

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