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In 2006, the population in Windsor-Essex County was 393,402. In includes the cities of Windsor, and Essex County, including the towns of Amherstburg, Essex, Kingville, Lakeshore, LaSalle, Leamington, and Tecumseh. Since the 2006 Census Day, unemployment rates in Windsor-Essex County have increased for a variety of reasons associated with the recent downturn of the economy. The most recent data available from Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey, from November of 2008, pegs the unemployment rate at 10.4 percent. Jobs in Windsor-Essex County are primarily dominant in sales and service, manufacturing and processing, and trades and transport industries. With the highest concentration of tool and die industries in Canada, a highly skilled work force, and the leadership of some of Canada's most savvy entrepreneurs, Windsor-Essex is poised to play a pivotal role in the changing economy. To add to its future vitality, Windsor-Essex County intends to retain its reputation as an industrial powerhouse and provide a sound footing for a technology based economy. Proximity to the U.S. has enhanced the tourism sector for Windsor-Essex County with many U.S. markets being within a day's drive from the border.

According to the Windsor-Essex Regional Economic Roadmap, jobs in the Windsor-Essex region are highly concentrated in education occupations compared to the provincial and national levels, but it is primarily due to the higher concentration of elementary school and kindergarten teachers relative to the size of the population. There has been a steep increase in the number of post-secondary teaching and research assistant which is a positive indicator of expanding research and post-graduate opportunities in the region.

A relatively high concentration of jobs in Windsor-Essex are in the health sector, with 625 people being employed in health occupations, followed by 620 being employed in medical technologists and technician professions.

The Windsor-Detroit crossing is the busiest cargo crossing between Canada and the United States along the border. This has had an economic impact to the jobs in Windsor-Essex County with slightly more truck drivers and material handlers in the Windsor-Essex workforce than the province as a whole as well as significantly more people working as customs, ship and other brokers. In regards to the advanced manufacturing industry, there are more industrial and manufacturing engineers in the Windsor-Essex workforce than any other urban area in Canada. 93 percent of jobs in Windsor-Essex County are directly tied to the automotive industry.

The Machine, Tool, Die and Mould Industry accounts for 10,000-14,000 highly paid skilled jobs in Windsor-Essex County that have a substantial impact on the local economy. This is the most important segment in the Windsor-Essex region. Windsor-Essex holds a strong reputation in this sector because the region contains a number of innovative companies, which are driving the region's economy with superior technology, exceptional performance, and high quality products, including dimensionally vision gauging systems, robotics intensive automation machines, environmental technology, and more.

The Windsor-Essex region is also competitively positioned for a number of reasons including a skilled and loyal workforce, competitive business costs, central location that allows convenient and quick access to customers, and superior quality of life.